How to Make a Kids Wooden Climber (Pikler Triangle)

When I originally wrote this article inthere were not many Pikler Triangles being made commercially. However, since then, that has changed, and the comment section below and my email list proves that Pikler Triangles are becoming increasingly popular.

Yes, they are expensive but they are worth it. Yes it is. If you have the funds, it is. I would do it again. These toys are worth it.

pikler triangle

I never regret it. Some of these links are affiliate links! This is no extra cost to you. This company is on a mission to encourage kids to play and keep them off screens. We received a balance board from them and love the quality.

I would definitely recommend this company to Canadians. This Pikler Triangle is a great price point for Canadian Consumers. Some of the brands in the comment section I could no longer find, and some new ones I did.

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You can shop Etsy to find local or same country creators, you can read all the reviews, and message them directly to find a Triangle that works for you. For example, Cambium Furniture and Decor has made them for a local childcare facility. You can ask locally and see if someone will do it, or has done it, or is up to the task. You might be surprised at what is available and who might be up for the task. This is also a great way to connect with your community and maybe find one second hand.

Find the instructions here. If you know of someone who makes Pikler Triangles or climbing triangles for kids, feel free to share with the world below. Love to hear from you. Great concise blog post. Thank you! You forgot to mention Rad Childrens furniture! We were trying to decide between lily and River and Rad but after seeing how small the lily and River one was at a friends house, we ended up going with Rad.

They might not have been creating when I started this post. Thanks for the tip.

Little Climber by Lily and River

They have been around for many years! We have had one of their Pikler triangles since our first child was about a year old, she is now 6.Parents have been gradually moving towards buying their kids simple toys that help their development rather than make loud noise and waste batteries. While it is relatively easy to find fine motor Montessori toys, it is more difficult to find gross motor large muscle toys.

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One of the best gross motor toys I have found is the pikler triangle. On several Facebook groups I frequently browse, parents are usually on the fence about whether or not to buy a pikler triangle. We are here to help settles your concerns and tell you three reasons why you should buy the pikler triangle from Wiwiurka right now! The Wiwiurka Pikler triangle is a thing of beauty.

It is handcrafted so well, with such high-quality parts and craftsmanship that you know you are getting the very best just by looking at it. All you need is a screwdriver. You can check out safety tips for purchasing the best toddler slide before making a decision, but I assure you, this sturdy wooden climbing triangle with slide is your best bet! Even if your child is on the older side right now, you can save it for your next child so they can start young learning how to pull themselves up and develop climbing skills on the pikler triangle.

Always go go go and trying to keep him active AND safe was a lot of work! Now he just climbs up and slides down or runs down the slide when he is in a crazy mood. My son is 23 months old in this video and his friend Kanaan is 19 months old.

They both have lots of fun on the pikler triangle separately and together! The pikler triangle from Wiwiurka is smooth, sturdy, and offers a variety of ways for kids to play so there is no shortage on fun. It can be used inside or outside, but I do not recommend leaving it outside or allowing it to get wet! Your triangle will come unfinished so if you intend to use it outside often or on the ground instead of on an outdoor patioI would recommend applying a wood sealant first.

My son is learning when he is putting himself in a situation he is uncomfortable in. If he gets stuck, he will ask for help. If he thinks he can handle it, he will attempt it slowly. His younger friend Kanaan does the same. I was concerned they would just go headlong into playing, caution aside, but they have both been very careful which has helped them learn more about their body and their own limitations. I believe the Pikler triangle has given both toddlers a greater sense of self-awareness and understanding of what their bodies can do.

Wiwiurka has taken care to design their pikler triangle to be the ideal heights for children ages months old. After several months of watching both boys play with the Wiwiurka pikler triangle, I highly recommend it!

Wiwiurka has a great selection of handmade wooden toys and furniture on their Etsy store.

pikler triangle

The coupon code above can be used for any purchase made on their Etsy store between now and December 10th, Married to a sexy Molecular Biologist, housewife, mom to 5, homeschooler, Certified Personal Nutritionist and entrepreneur who's mission is to help moms just like you look and feel GREAT!

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Stay up to date with all the latest by subscribing to our newsletter!This awesome climber has been so loved by our family for the past year. James and I built one for Simon and Charlotte last Christmaswho were 4. They both use it almost daily. The Pikler triangle is not actually a Montessori material. It goes along with the RIE philosophy which was developed by Magda Gerber based on the scientific observations and methods of Dr.

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Emmi Pikler. I will write more on the RIE philosophy of natural gross motor development from the start, but for now I will simply share our experience with the triangle. We used this tutorial with a few slight modifications. Mostly we just changed the hardware to something we could find locally pictured below. We routed the edges of everything to make them smooth. We left it unfinished as I felt that paint or varnish might make it slippery and the raw wood would have more grip.

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We finished assembling on Christmas eve - just in time. It looked just beautiful under our tree. Right away Charlotte loved the triangle. She climbed all over it from the very beginning. About a month later, Simon 5. He had only recently begun to sit up on his own getting into and out of the position by himself - not by propping him upand was rolling and scooting, but was not yet crawling.

How to Build a Pikler Triangle

At 6 months he began crawling. Simon had dabbled down at the bottom rung of the Pikler triangle before, but on his 7 month birthday he just decided to climb to the top. He continued to climb up over the next couple of weeks.

He could get up but not back down. I would come stand by his side and reassure him without touching him for a moment to see if my presence would calm him and encourage him to relax and keep trying. Sometimes he was upset and just wanted down. Other times he would quiet and experiment a little more. Without this time and space he would have continued to rely on me to get down rather than figuring out how to himself, which he did just two short weeks later at 7. From this point and even earlier on Simon would hang from the rungs with his arms - either from the outside or from underneath.

A few weeks later James and I and Charlotte built the ramp. One side is smooth and the other has ridges.You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right.

You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab. Link to read me page with more information.

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This post goes out to my husband! He has spent countless hours learning how to woodwork and building shelves, kitchen helpers, floor beds, and Pikler triangles for our family and others. Now he has so kindly spent many more hours putting together these step-by-step, incredibly detailed plans for those who are brave enough to build one too.

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We hope you find these useful! The Pikler Triangle may look like a simple climbing frame, but it is so much more. Older babies can pull themselves up on it, toddlers can gradually find their way over the top and slide down, and children as old as 5 or 6 can use it to climb, build forts, and for other imaginative play.

Even before that, she enjoyed climbing it up to her limit, climbing up and down the ramp, and using it as a tunnel. These days at 32 monthsshe climbs and slides on repeat, and in new, creative and challenging ways. It is always a hit when friends come over to play, and she even has her dolls and animals sliding with her. The possibilities are endless! The Pikler pictured above is made of Oak, but the one we have in our home is made of Pine less expensive.

Both work great! The Pikler is completely foldable, making it easy to store away when not in use. The ramp is also optional, but is a really fun addition if your little one likes to slide! There are so many ways to customize this beautiful climber.

He made it up as he went along.

pikler triangle

The plans below are the product of building two Piklers and learning along the way. These are not intended to be perfect and are not in any way tested for structural integrity or safety standards. There is very little magic in these plans.

Modify as needed. Have fun, and happy climbing! Contact Us Use the form on the right to contact us.

Top 3 Reasons Your Kid Needs The Wiwiurka Pikler Triangle

Montessori in Real Life. Info Email. Download the plans here. Add to Cart. Apr 3, The Tiny Seed Theme for Toddlers.Join our daily climbing adventures! Learn how families are using playtime to quickly enhance the little's creativity, self-confidence, motor skill development, balance control, and muscle growth. For ages 6mo to 5yr. For ages 18 months to 8 years. Learn how parents are now using smart toys to quickly enhance the Little's creativity, self-confidence, motor skill development, balance control, and muscle growth.

For children ages 18mo to 8yr. Our Montessori influenced activity table for children ages 1 to 8 with intuitive 3-in-1 surface benefiting playtime and organization skills.

We build intuitive toys and learning environments for Littles around the world. Follow us for daily Little Adventures. Create Environment. Hi Everyone! Just like most of you, my daughters have been almost entirely inside. Well, that was before Little Snooze app. Turn up your volume to hear what Lily and River created for our afternoon story and nap.

Little Climber. Little Steps. Little Creator.

Where to Buy a Pikler Triangle

Little Mobile. Little Artist. Little Snooze. Start Shopping! Little Climber Join our daily climbing adventures! Buy Little Climber. Little Steps Jump, Balance, and Play!The Pikler Triangle is a climbing frame for kids that was developed by a Hungarian Pediatrician named Emmi Pikler many years ago.

It helps kids improve gross motor skills, confidence, and basically teaches them awesome skills. We love it, and if you're interested in building something for your kids, keep on reading! We also thought it would be fun to add-on an adjustable climbing ramp with removable climbing holds so we could change up the difficulty and make it more fun. Lastly, it folds up easily for quick storage.

This was a really fun DIY project for kids that you can do yourself with some basic woodworking tools and some easy-to-find materials. We love rock climbing, so when a project came along where we could start to get our son interested, we jumped on it! If you're looking for the perfect weekend woodworking project that'll brighten up your kids' day and get them moving, this is it!

We recommend watching the video above and following along with the written steps! Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. This project is built using easy-to-find materials that are available at the big box stores, as well as tools that most hobbyist woodworkers likely have already. The links below are affiliate links, and they help to support our channel. The first step of this build was to cut the individual rungs of the ladder. These are made from 1" Poplar dowels that we picked up at the store. The ladder has two sides, one short and one long, so we needed 13 dowels in total.

We picked up 48" dowels that we cut down to a length of This left an awkwardly sized cut-off that we'll keep for later to use on another project. Once they were cut, we measured 6 inches from each end and wrapped them with blue painter's tape to mask off the area where we wanted to paint in the next step. TIP: Any saw will work fine to cut these, but whatever you use, try setting up a stop-block so you can cut all of them to exactly the same length.

This will help later when we assemble it. We used the table saw here to cut these but a jigsaw, hand saw, or circular saw would work fine as well! We used Milk Paint to color the ends of the dowels because it's excellent for this type of project.

It's non-toxic so it's great for kids projects and it works tremendously well on raw wood. No brush strokes, no streaks, fantastic coverage, and super bright colors! We had five colors on hand, so we organized the dowels into a pattern we liked and painted the ends with a foam brush. TIP: Milk paint leaves a very flat, gloss-free finish. You can cover it later with something like shellac to bring the gloss back if that's the type of finish you like.

These are also easy to find at most of the big box stores and you can buy them at almost the exact size you need for this project. Ours were ripped to a width of 3" on the table saw. Don't have a table saw? Another option is to rip them with a circular saw or to adjust the size overall so you can just use the boards "as is" right from the store. We squared off the end of each leg and then used a mason jar lid to give it a round profile.

Perfect size! Next, the jigsaw was used to cut out the round shape on both ends of all four legs. We have a small desktop disc sander we found at a garage sale which helped to smooth out the ends, but you could also use sandpaper to do this.

TIP: If you purchase lumber at the store, try to give yourself a little extra time to look through what they have and find the straightest boards you can. If the boards are curved or damaged, it makes every step of the project a little more difficult. We started 1 inch from the end to mark the first hole and then measured every 5 inches all the way across.

This gave us the correct amount of holes that were spaced the way we wanted them on the ladder.The Pikler Triangle — an interesting creation and one of many physical toys you see in the occasional Montessori Space. Much like the Rainbow Rocker, or a rocking boat, the Pikler Triangle is a contraption encouraging gross motor skills and free play.

In a moment of mom, I decided we needed one and that I could build a non-folding Pikler Triangle for my 8. I figured I could easily make one. I passed wood working in Middle School. That makes me qualified, right? I could totally do this. Or maybe my husband would help me out. I knew I had to at very least start the project to get it finished.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I might receive compensation. Check out where to buy a pikler Triangle or wooden climber here. Originally, I downloaded the plans for the wildly popular Foldable Pikler Triangle. My husband insisted I download a picture before meeting my brother-in-law at the lumber yard, and I downloaded a much simpler version.

I also hope that this provides you with insight to some of our blunders and learning curves to help you in knowing what to do. Please note: This tutorial is for the non-woodworking readers. This tutorial is to give you the gist of how you might tackle such a project. I strongly suggest someone help you, or you watch additional YouTube Videos. I am just a novice mom is trying her best to explain our process of building a Pikler Triangle.

Pretty simple stuff really — you need two triangles the support and then some bars for climbing. Time: 8 Hours of labour? There was a lot of putting around on other projects. Or find out where to buy one for about double to triple the cost. Safety — Lets think about the space between the bars and what might hurt your child, kill them or just be unsafe. Just think about it, and make a safe decision for you and your family.

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